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Dwelling in the Heart

August 15, 2016

I am thrilled to invite you to join me in my latest online adventure called Dwelling in the Heart: A Month of Lovingkindness. In this course, we'll join together for the month of September to cultivate a deeper sense of love, understanding and joy in our lives.

My motivation for offering this online immersion stems from anxiety  I've felt these past several months about the state of our world. Violence and ill-will seem to have worked their way into the fabric of our lives, both far away and close to home. It feels to me like collectively our societies are losing touch with the kindness and care that virtually all spiritual traditions offer as the bedrock of a life well-lived and a community that thrives in good health.

My intention in Dwelling in the Heart is to help keep our eyes trained on the possibility of love and peace, so that we may live with greater kindness toward those around us and with an ever-deepening sense of ease in our own lives. My plan during our course is to offer practices that keep our eyes trained on the possibility of living through love and in love, helping to keep the planet spinning in a more positive and supportive way.

My hope is that my offerings will be meaty enough to incline our minds toward love but simple enough to fit into our busy lives with ease. Along the way I hope to inspire us all to commit (or recommit) to the practice of lovingkindness meditation, which helps anchor the mind and heart in love.

Here's how the course will work: Each weekday day I'll send out an email with the day's dispatch from the land of good heart. I'll offer tried-and-true practices as well as some less traditional ways of living with a friendly mind and a wide-open heart. And I'll feed us all with inspiring resources from around the web and beyond. (All of our materials will also be posted on a private website, so that you can easily find inspiration any time you need it.)

I'll also urge us all to find time in our days to sit quietly for at least a few moments to explore the traditional practice of metta, or lovingkindness meditaion. I'll do my best to keep our minds focused on our shared journey and to inspire us all to stay true to our commitment to fostering a deeper love and care in our lives.

In keeping with the low-key nature of my immersions, there will be no formal assignments or time requirements. You will be invited to move at your own pace and integrate the teachings into your life in any way you like.

Ponder the offerings while sipping your morning coffee, save them to read during your lunch break, share them with a friend while walking down the lane, or offer them up as dinnertime conversation. If you have a contemplative practice like yoga or prayer or meditation, you might look for ways to sprinkle into it some aspect of our lovingkindness practice. The possibilities are endless, and I hope you will find your own unique way to make the offerings your own.

I am thrilled to offer this course and I hope you will consider joining me. Lovingkindness has become a bedrock practice in my own life, and I relish the opportunity to share its gifts with you in a way that I hope will add clarity and happiness to the world.

I have set a suggested fee of $45 for the course, but if that feels excessive for your budget you are welcome to set your own price. To enroll in the course via credit card or Paypal account, please, click the "Buy Now" button below. If you have questions, prefer to sign up via check instead, or if you would like to join the course but would like to pay less than the suggested fee of $45, please email me using the contact form on the right side of this page.

Thank you so much for your interest. I hope to dwell in the heart with you this September and beyond.