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Inspiring health and happiness in body, mind and spirit

Classes at the Art Center

March 27, 2017

Classes begin this week at the Mansfield Art Center! If you are interested in learning more about calming the mind, fueling the body and nourishing the spirit, please consider joining us.

On Tuesday evening at 6 PM, I will offer a gentle introduction to meditation. Together we'll explore the power of slowing down and relaxing into the present moment. This session will include both instruction and practice. (It also may include chocolate!) This session is free and open to all.

On Wednesday morning at 9 AM, a four-week session of yoga will begin. Together we will explore slow, gentle and meditative yoga in a warm and welcoming environment. All levels are welcome, and students are encouraged to tailor the sessions to suit their own needs.

You can learn more about these sessions on my website. I hope you will join us!