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Guided Meditation Audios

January 1, 2016

I've created a number of guided audio meditations to help ease the way into a meditation practice. I am happy to share these guided audios with you here. There are six different meditations, with both written instructions and a guided audio session. Enjoy!


This exploration serves as a bridge between resting deeply and practicing more formal meditation. Practice it any time you are feeling tied up in knots or need a big sigh of relief.

Instructions: Sit or rest quietly, encouraging the body and mind to relax deeply. (If you practice yoga, then consider this savasana, or final relaxation). Relax the muscles, soften the breath and let go of everything. Settle into the present moment. Practice making peace with the world just as it is, resting here quietly, for 10 to 20 minutes.

Need a little help finding your way there? Here's a 15-minute guided relaxation session designed to help you shed stress and reclaim your balance and sense of ease. 


Breath meditation is a classic form of concentration meditation that is practiced in a vast range of spiritual traditions. The intention here isn't to do anything special to the breath but rather to use it as a focus of our awareness. The breath becomes an anchor that gently tethers us to the present moment, keeping us grounded in the here-and-now.

Instructions: Once you have settled into a quiet place, draw your awareness on the breath. As you breathe in and breathe out, keep your mind on the felt experience of your inhalations and exhalations. Imagine you had never breathed before - what does it feel like to breathe in and out? How does the body shift? How does it move? Climb into the experience of breathing as fully as you can.

The task is not to change your breath and not to analyze it, but to simply climb into the experience of breathing in and breathing out as fully as you can.

When you notice that your mind has strayed, gently and lovingly guide it back to the breath. And then continue this process of directing your attention to the breath for as long as you have decided to meditate.When your session is over, sit quietly and notice what it feels like to be in your body now. What has changed and what hasn't? How do you feel and what is your mood?

The Breath Mediation guided audio follows below or can be found by clicking here. 


Relaxed Awareness is one of the most simple and most profound of all meditation practices. It allows us to climb out of our heads and back to our senses. It teaches us to see clearly and to pay attention to the raw ingredients of life.

Instructions: Settle into a quiet spot, either sitting up or lying down. Take a few deep and easy breaths, relax your muscles, and grow soft. Let go of everything that can be let go of.

Notice the raw sensations passing through and around you. What are you aware of right here and right now? What do you notice when you sit still? What is the world offering you right now in the form of shape, smell, sensation and color? If you need a script, just finish this sentence from Gestalt psychology over and over: "Right now I am aware ..." And if you need more help getting started, just cycle through your five senses. What do you see? What do you hear? Smell? Taste? Sense?

At some point, your mind will wander off and return to its old habits of thinking, judging and planning. When you notice that your mind has left the room, gently guide it back to the present moment. Recommit to the here-and-now.

Focus on what is real and what is going on right here, right now. As much as possible, welcome whatever world has to offer you in the realm of sensation and feeling. For these few moments, resist the habit of judging or analyzing or micro-managing. Just experience what truly is. Let everything be and listen to the song of life.

After several moments of resting in the arms of the present, move back into your day with renewed freshness, balance and ease.

You are always welcome to bring me along for the ride with the guided Relaxed Awareness meditation that follows. You can also find it by clicking here.


There are lots of ways to meditate and many of them don't involve sitting stone still with your back erect and your eyes closed. It is possible, in fact, to infuse any moment of your life the qualities of meditation and mindfulness.

Instructions: When you find yourself with a few moments to spare, or when you need a little peace and calm but are miles away from your meditation cushion, turn whatever you are doing into a meditative act. Downshift your mind into a quieter, easier place and just rest with the moment exactly as it is. Look around and enjoy the shapes and sounds and colors that are waiting to be seen. Notice what feelings are ricocheting through you and notice what sorts of thoughts have been roosting in your brain. Keep your mind focused on the delicious task at hand, settling yourself fully and deeply into the here and now. Open your eyes, wake up to your life, be present for what is.

Need a helping hand? Here's a guided audio designed to accompany you as you move through your day. I envision you listening while you head out for a run or fold the laundry or cook dinner or practice yoga. Play below or follow this link.



In Lovingkindness practice, we send out silent, secret messages of love and care to those around us. The idea is to spread love and support, to be a helping hand and a source of light and well-being for the greater world. This is a sweet and lovely practice. I hope you like it as much as I do, and I hope you find it slipping into the fabric of your days.

Instructions: There are many ways of practicing Lovingkindness Meditation, but my favorite is to first settle myself for a few moments by practicing either Relaxed Awareness of Breath Meditation. When I feel ready, I shift gears and wait for the image of someone to pop up into my mind. When that happens, I silently offer that person  wishes for love, happiness and peace. When someone else appears in my mind, I offer that second person wishes for ease and well-being, too. And so on, for just as long as feels right. It's a sweet and lovely practice that I can almost promise will leave you feeling like a more loving and tenderhearted human being.

Need a little help? I've created the audio meditation below to get you started, and you can also find it here.


In  this meditation, we open our awareness beyond our own skin and out into the vast world, waking up to a deeper sense of communion with all of life. In this way, we climb out of our "little self" and reconnect with the "bigger soul" of the universe.

Instructions: Start out with a few moments of either Relaxed Awareness or Breath Meditation. Once you feel settled, let your awareness spread out like waves beyond the skin of your body. Grow aware of the sensations around and beyond you. Let your sense of self grow large. Invite there to be a sense of deep and energetic communion between your small body and the incredible vastness of all of life. Let your life rest in - and perhaps even be absorbed into - the soft arms of the whole wide world.

This is an advanced practice, so no worries if it sounds like gobbledegook to you now. Perhaps the guided audio will help you find your way. You can also find it by clicking here.