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Yoga & Meditation Workshop

May 4, 2018
Our Saturday morning "Yoga &" series continues on May 12 with a session of Yoga & Meditation. In this class, we'll investigate the deep connection between the physical practice of hatha yoga and the contemplative art of meditation. We'll examine how the practices are similar, how they are different, and how each can deepen our understanding and practice of the other.

First we'll flow through a quiet and low-key yoga class, ending with some delicious restorative practices. And then we'll explore the manifold gifts of mindfulness meditation. The morning will be designed for yoga students who'd like to explore meditation; meditators who are curious about the benefits of moving mindfully; and anyone interested in learning more about both.

The fee for the workshop, which meets at the Mansfield Art Center from 9 to 11 AM, is $25. Pre-registration is required. Contact me directly to enroll or to learn more. We'll follow up this workshop with a June 9 session on Yoga & Happiness. Please join us!