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Yoga & Happiness

June 2, 2018
Our Saturday morning "Yoga &" series continues on June 9 with a session of Yoga & Happiness. In this class, we'll investigate the relationship between hatha yoga and happiness in our lives. Together we'll explore ways that contemplative practices can nurture a deeper sense of joy, purpose, ease and peace both on and off the mat.

We'll take a closer look at just what happiness means in our lives, and when and where we feel happiness most deeply. We'll move through a gentle and uplifting yoga class, ending with some delicious restorative practices. And all throughout, we'll explore a variety of contempletive practices designed to open doorways within that bring us greater freedom and delight.

The fee for the workshop, which meets at the Mansfield Art Center from 9 to 11 AM, is $25. Pre-registration is required. Contact me directly to enroll or to learn more. We'll follow up this workshop with a July 14 session on Yoga & Qigong. Please join us!