~ awake in this moment, at home in the world ~

Offerings in the New Year

December 31, 2021
Yoga masters near and far like to say that whatever your question may be, practice is the answer. Climb onto your mat, dive deeply within, and let your practice guide you in the direction of wisdom and clarity.

Now more than ever, I understand these wise words. Having a practice that grounds and guides us feels vitally important in this uncertain world. Just about any practice can work, as long as it is done regularly, with a sense of ritual, and with an intention of bringing us closer to ourselves and closer to the greater world. Your practice might be running or making music or clearing brush or attending church. It might be writing poems or serving others or meditating or baking bread. Dive deeply into just about any heartfelt practice and you'll meet up with all the other souls who have taken a deep dive into their own perfect ways of communing with life.

I hope that you, too, have been leaning heavily on your own steadying rituals to help you stay upright, faithful and filled with light. Maybe you've even been sharing them with others during this strange and topsy-turvy time.

In the coming year, I'll continue sharing my favorite practices with others, and I hope you'll consider joining us. I have a range of offerings, and I hope you'll find one - or many - that inspire you to practice with us, or perhaps to explore on your own. 

Our live classes continue on Zoom for the time being, and I'm thrilled that friends from both near and far are tuning in to practice movement and stillness together, swaddled in a sense of tenderhearted community even though we may be far apart. Our class schedule remains the same, with classes on Mondays at 6 PM Eastern, and Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 9 AM Eastern.

These sessions are gentle, friendly and open to all. As always, my invitation is to move and rest in ways that work best for each individual. And that means participants can move more, move less, or head off on their own lovely paths. This is one of the benefits of being together while at home: We practice together, in ways that work best for each of us. It works!

If practicing on Zoom isn't your thing, perhaps you'd like to explore the guided audio sessions I've been creating this past year. My aim is to offer short and sweet explorations that cultivate ease and vitality, and that can be explored almost any time, any place, by any body. I am calling these practices At Home in the World, and you can find all of them here.

Or, maybe you'd like to practice in a different way. Since the beginning of the pandemic, friends and I have been practicing "Morning Watch," heading outside in the first few moments of our day to breathe deeply, commune with the natural world, and lean into the beauties of the new day. We each do this on our own, of course, in the comfort of our own homes. And we have an ongoing email thread where we share Morning Watch through photos, musings, recommendations and even occasional homegrown haiku. If you'd like to join us, I'd be thrilled to add you to our email thread.

And, if you're just looking for a little inspiration as you practice on your own, perhaps you'd like to explore First Sip, the daily dose of wisdom and light I share with others. You can visit the site and peruse the words and images of wise and wonderful sages and poets, and you can also sign up to receive the posts in your email inbox each weekday morning. I love the community that has developed around this small offering, and I look forward to posting many more gems in the year to come.

Finally, my website continues to house just about all of the articles and essays I've written. One way or another, my intention in all that I share is to offer inspiration that helps each of us feel unflinchingly awake in each moment and deeply at home in the world. I hope you enjoy what you find!

All of these adventures are freely offered, with a virtual donation basket set up via PayPal for those who are moved to contribute to this programming. I've been so touched by your ongoing support and generosity. Thank you!