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The "Little Hallelujahs" of Mary Oliver

October 20, 2015
Mary Oliver is my patron saint of poetry. Whenever my vision grows dim and I need help seeing clearly to the beauty of the world, I turn to her wise and shimmering words. She calls her poems "little hallelujahs" and says that they are her way of singing praises to the world.

I feel that sense of amazement and awe in almost every single one of her images and stories. I cannot imagine anyone reading her words and not feeling enlightened, emboldened, soothed and inspired.

Mary Oliver rarely gives interviews; she seems content to let her words speak for themselves. But just last week Krista Tippett's On Being radio show released an extended interview with her. If you admire Mary Oliver's poetry and are curious to learn more about where, why and how her poetry is born, I highly recommend the interview.

You can find the interview on the On Being website here. The show releases both the produced one-hour show and the longer, unedited interview - I especially recommend the longer version for its depth and authenticity. And for a sample of some of her words, this link will take you to many of her poems on my First Sip website. I hope you enjoy them all.

There are a hundred more questions I wish I could ask Mary Oliver, but still I am grateful for the little glimmerings of insight and inspiration she offers in this interview. It has inspired me to pull off my shelves every single one of her books of poetry and prose with renewed hunger and admiration. (And since she mentioned in her interview that she reads Rumi everyday, I have dusted off his books as well.)