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Presence: An Online Meditation Immersion

March 17, 2016
I am thrilled to invite you to join me in an online adventure called Presence: A 30-Day Meditation ImmersionIn this course, we will join together for the month of April to explore the twin practices of meditation and mindfulness in a way that I hope will nurture a new-found sense of unshakable happiness and ease in your life.

Presence is an opportunity for both new and seasoned meditators to dive into the well of life within that sustains us through ever-deepening balance, clarity, wisdom and joy. Through formal and informal meditation practices, we'll explore the wisdom of slowing down, the power of paying attention, and the sweetness of listening deeply. We'll find ways to quench our thirst for a more genuine sense of ease and balance in our lives, and we'll cultivate a deeper feeling of being at home in both ourselves and our world.

Together we'll commit to opening ourselves to the deepest gift meditation offers: reclaiming the clarity of mind and purity of heart that is our natural birthright and that naturally appears when the mind is calm and our vision is clear. We'll cultivate an abiding sense of presence that opens us to an unconditional faithfulness and peace that sustains us through both difficulty and delight.

And we'll explore the great truth of life that all the world's sages have taught: that our small and personal lives are deeply rooted in a far more vast and brilliant play of light and life that illumines the entire world. Out of this profound insight comes a natural urge to participate in life more deeply, to serve as a source of comfort and support to everyone and everything around us.

A private website will be the course's home base for the month and the virtual town square around which we will congregate. Everything needed for our time together can be found there. Participants will find all the course updates, dispatches, meditation instructions, guided practices, question-and-answer sessions, poems, images and meditation resources somewhere on these pages. I hope the shared space will feel like home and I hope you will breathe a sigh of sweet relief when settling in there.

Here's how the course will work: Each day I'll send out an email with the day's dispatch from the sweet land of presence and peace. I'll offer formal meditation practices and also ideas for slipping informal mindfulness practice into one's daily life. I'll also send along updates with guided audios, poems, quotes and images that I hope we'll hold close. 

And I'll feed participants with lots of inspiring resources from around the web and beyond. I'll urge us all to find time in our days to sit quietly for at least a few moments. And I'll do my best to keep our minds focused on our shared journey and to inspire us all to stay true to our commitment to fostering a deeper sense of presence in our lives.

None of this is required, of course. There will be no papers to write or tests to study for. Any or all of this can be done at your own pace and in your own way. The offerings will work best, in fact, if they are considered suggestions and explorations rather than commands and demands. Save the emails for a quiet moment in your day, or ignore them completely and just head on over to this site when you have a chance. Skip over a practice that doesn't appeal to you (although it's always a good idea to be curious about that which you resist). Return to practices that nourish you, over and over.

Come when you like, stay as long as you can, catch up in any way you like. You can even take your time, stretching out this journey into six weeks, or two months, or whatever schedule best fits your life. Shape these explorations to your own life in your own unique way, crafting a personalized practice that becomes a good friend that sustains you day in and day out, through thick and through thin.

Previous participants in Presence have called the course food for the soul. Many have said that after years of trying to learn to meditate and failing, the course has finally inspired them to commit to practicing regularly. And some longtime practitioners have said that through the course, practices that had begun to feel like chores once again felt like cherished gifts.

Others have said that through Presence they have found new ways to cultivate clarity and wisdom not just while sitting quietly, but also within the folds of their daily lives. And some students have called the shared website a balm and a comfort, a place they have turned to for a healing dose of reassurance, clarity and peace.

I am thrilled to offer this course and I hope you will consider joining us. Meditation has been a source of comfort and sustenance to me, and I relish the opportunity to share its many gifts with others in a way that adds clarity and happiness to the world.

I have set a suggested fee of $50 for the course, but if that feels excessive for your budget you are welcome to set your own price. To enroll in the course via credit card or Paypal account, please, click the "Buy Now" button below. If you have questions, prefer to sign up via check instead, or if you would like to join the course but are hoping to pay less than the suggested fee of $50, please email me here.

Thank you so much for your interest. I hope to meet up with you in the land of Presence soon.