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Meditation for Action

February 17, 2017

Meditation for Action 
Co-hosted with Annamarie Fernyak

Sunday, March 5, from 1 to 3 at
The Butterfly House in Mansfield
Free and open to all 

Meditation can be a powerful tool that promotes not just inner peace but also peace in the world around us. In this afternoon session and community gathering, we'll explore contempletive practices that help us stay calm and balanced in our ever-changing world. We'll also consider ways to serve as engaged citizens who promote wellbeing for all in a spirit of goodwill and unity.

How do we live in ease, even in the midst of unsettled times? How does peace in the outer world relate to peace in our own hearts? How do we speak up from a place of love rather than hate? How do we seek out common ground with those who disagree with us? And how can we use difficult emotions like fear and anger to promote healing rather than discord?

Together we'll consider these questions and more. Our afternoon will include meditation, discussion, an informal reception and an opportunity to learn more about local groups seeking positive change. Members of organizations promoting wellbeing for all are welcome to join us to share the news about their initiatives.

This session is offered in a spirit of peace rather than conflict, love rather than hate, and unity rather than polarization. Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, age, gender, religion or political belief. No prior meditation experience is necessary and no pre-registration is required.