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Late-Summer Yoga and Meditation

July 27, 2017
Summer's not over yet! We still have time to savor the fruits of yoga and meditation amid the warmth and beauty of this season.

Our yoga classes at Kingwood Center Gardens resume this week. We ushered in the summer with yoga in the gardens, and I am looking forward to savoring the last sweets of the season there as well. We have  both a Wednesday morning and a Thursday evening session.

We also have a free introductory meditation session at Kingwood this coming Sunday, July 30, at 9 AM. If you're curious about what meditation and mindfulness are all about - or if you'd just like to savor a little morning peace - please join us.

Our Monday night meditation group at the Mansfield Art Center continues through the summer  and beyond. We have a wonderful band of regular practitioners who come together in a spirit of goodwill, kindness, curiosity and humor. All are welcome to join this lovely group.

And finally, I hope you'll consider joining me on Saturday morning, August 5, at the Mansfield Art Center for a combined yoga and art experience. We'll practice yoga together - focusing on the themes of shape and embodiment - and then will be led by potter Brittany Jackson though a studio class using clay to create our own art. If you know someone who is new to yoga but might be interested (a child, a parent, a spouse or a friend, perhaps) this would be a wonderful introduction to the practice.

Looking toward fall, our Wednesday morning yoga class and Monday evening meditation group will continue at the Mansfield Art Center. In addition, I'll offer a 4-week free introductory yoga class at the Mansfield Public Library, and will also continue offering our Art of Yoga workshops. In addition, Kingwood Center will host a children's yoga event as well as Thursday night meditation sessions this fall as part of their "Ribbit" exhibit.

You can learn more about all of my summer offerings at my website here. I hope to practice with you before summer's end!