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Fall Yoga Classes

September 6, 2020
Dear Friends -

As the nights grow chilly and fall settles in, I am writing to invite you to join us for our ongoing virtual movement and meditation classes. In this challenging time, our community has found the routine of practicing together to be steadying and soothing. If you, too, would like a little more ease and uplift in your life, please consider joining us.

Our class schedule remains the same: Meditation meets on Mondays at 6 PM EDT, and Mindful Movement meets on Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 9 AM EDT. We've added 15 minutes of qigong before meditation, so please join us at 5:45 if you would like to add a little upright movement to your Monday evening.

Classes are gentle and friendly and open to all. As always, my invitation in class is to move and rest in ways that work best for you. And that means you can move more, move less, or head off on your own lovely path that feels just right for you. This is one of the benefits of yoga together at home: We practice together, in ways that work best for each of us. It works!

All classes are freely offered, and I've set up a virtual donation basket for those who are moved to contribute to this programming. I've been so touched by your ongoing support and generosity. Thank you!

I have also been pleased to see long-lost friends from far away pop up in our virtual sessions. Friends and family members of students from throughout North America have been joining us, so feel free to invite a far-away loved one to practice with us, too. Wherever you may live, welcome to our warm and open-hearted community!

If you'd like to join us, please contact me and I will help you get all set up. And please reach out to me with questions or suggestions, or even with a little news about how you are keeping your heart afloat these days. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing your face pop up on my screen as we continue to practice together, even while staying physically apart.