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Upcoming In-Person Gatherings

July 20, 2021

Local yoga friends -

I'm so happy to share with you that the Mansfield Art Center has given us permission to meet outside for mindful movement in the coming weeks. I hope you will join me on any or all of the following dates to practice together for an hour or so:

Thursday, July 22, at 6 PM
Wednesday, July 28, at 9 AM
Sunday, August 1, at 9 AM

Wednesday's class is at our usual weekly Zoom class time, for this one week only. I am investigating the possibility of setting up a Zoom link so that non-local people can join us on the 28th. 

Our practice will be gentle and accommodating, and mostly upright. No props are necessary, although you are welcome to bring anything you may like (including a lawn chair if you would feel more comfortable sitting for our practice). Because the pavilion is covered, we will have class rain or shine. Payment will be by donation.

And, as always, please feel free to bring along friends and family members. I'm hoping this will be a joyful celebration of togetherness. 

I'm also hoping there will be additional in-person, outdoor classes to come in August and beyond. Too soon to tell, as they say...

Looking forward to being together,