~ awake in this moment, at home in the world ~


January 12, 2019

This river of words
is flowing your way
to surround you with
both joy and adoration.

This song of sweet sounds
is here to fill your ears with
melodies that remind you
of the beauty that is you.

This package of light
is shining down on you
with the news that you
are beloved by the world.

Do you see how many
little green plants have
flourished through your
admiration and deep care?

Do you taste how many
cups of hot tea have been
sweetened by your hospitality
and your conversation?

Do you know how many
lives you have touched
with your wisdom and
your clear-eyed wonder?

And do you see how your
presence on this planet has
made the world softer, kinder,
a more loving home for all?

I hope you do, my friend.

And I hope you will 
allow yourself to bask 
in your own beauty for a 
few sweet breaths this day.

I hope you will open yourself
to the same illumination and
thanksgiving that you offer
all beings who thrive around you.

Right this moment little
beams of love are hurling
themselves around the
planet in search of you.

Open yourself wide and
welcome them into your
softest spaces within,
fueling and replenishing you.

Let that endless adoration
that surrounds you soothe
and sweeten you, and fill
your day with endless delight.