~ awake in this moment, at home in the world ~

Guided Audio Series

I'm so pleased to share with you news about At Home in the World, a program I've created that offers guided audio practices to help cultivate calm and happiness amid the craziness of life. These practices are short and sweet, and can be done almost any time, in almost any place, by almost every body.

Subscribers to At Home in the World receive access to a wide body of audio practices featuring guided inquiry into ways of being in the world that foster vitality and ease. Some of the practices highlight simple movement practices, others explore accessible breathing and meditation techniques, and still others offer opportunities for deep rest and restoration.

My intention with these practices is to help us stay clear, steady and uplifted, even amid the inevitable challenges of our lives. My hope is that these sequences will help us calm down when we are anxious, rest when we are exhausted, and recharge when we are in need of a little inspiration and light.

Although the practices stem from my exploration of yoga, meditation, qigong and more, the explorations require no particular expertise or ability beyond a willingness to explore ways of feeling awake in each moment and at home in the world. The practices are freely offered, and paid memberships are available for those who are moved to support the programming.

If you're looking for simple and accessible ways to welcome gentle movement, stillness, rest and restoration into your lives, I hope you'll consider joining me At Home in the World.