~ awake in this moment, at home in the world ~

New Year's Blessing

January 1, 2021

In the coming year, may you live with an
ever deepening sense of abundance and ease.
May you see clearly and welcome with open arms
the wealth of love and support that surrounds you.

May you cherish the simple gifts that enliven you:
the sweet smell of jasmine by the window,
the songs of life that slip through the house,
the tender voices of those you adore.

May you cultivate a life filled with inspiration,
and with faith and hope that buoy and sustain you.
May you cherish and nurture your earthly delights,
growing full in their radiance and bounty.

And, while holding close your true and local loves,
may you also cultivate an abundant vision
that embraces an inclusive sense of the world and
reminds you of the deep roots you share with all life.

May you sense fully the invisible strands that
connect us to all beings and skies and seas.
May you cultivate a heart as wide as the world
and a love as vast as the universe.

May your life be an expression of generosity and care.
May you ease suffering where you can, spread
love to everyone, everywhere, and shine brightly
in service to the infinite light that carries us all.