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Meditation "Poem" by Erich Schiffmann

September 21, 2013
Yoga teacher Erich Schiffmann is gifted with the ability to bring clarity to the truths of the world. His words and images leave me feeling perfectly clear about the mysterious ways this universe works, about our place in it, and about just what we're going to do about the whole thing.

At a recent workshop in Yellow Springs, Ohio, I found myself reaching frequently for my notebook to jot down a few phrases or images. Afterward, reading through the notes, I found what felt to me like poetry in Erich's words. By simply eliminating every word that felt like it could be left behind, I ended up with a beautiful poetic riff on yoga and meditation filled with instructions about how to live and move and breathe.

Here's one excerpt, a pocket-sized explanation of how and why to meditate. Everything you need to know is there. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

(culled from notes taken at Erich Schiffmann's Yellow Springs 2013 workshop)

Get grounded.
Grow tall.

Let the top of your head bloom open.
Let everything bloom open.


Breathe in with full awareness.
Breathe out with full awareness.
Be as tension free as you can be.

Let go.
Let go more.
Let go until there's nothing left.

Relax slides into
Relief slides into
Calm slides into

Peace slides into
Clarity slides into
Knowing slides into

Feel loved.
Feel lovely.
Be love.

Be wide open.
Let knowing flow in.
Be the place where love flows through.

There is only light and energy.
Life only, in infinite display.
Only the eternal, ongoing, bubbly, forever now.