~ awake in this moment, at home in the world ~

Winter Quiet

January 18, 2020

Now comes the season of quiet. Nature's impulses - the short light, the
cold air, the raw emptiness - urge us to turn inward and to rest. This
season of quiet invites us to settle into the beautiful present. It calls upon
us to let go and to let be. It asks us to accept ourselves as we are, to love
the world just as it is, to welcome each moment with equanimity and
open arms.

Now is the season of snuggling under downy covers. Now is the season
of reclaiming our sweaters and thick books. Now is the time for settling
next to the fire. And now is the time for afternoon naps. Some may call
us lazy, unfriendly. But we know that this darker season is as necessary
as the summer sun. We know that our inner fires need tending, that our
bodies need to rest. We understand that just as nature's roots must grow
dormant before they can bloom again, so, too, must we sleep.

Let us welcome and protect this quiet season of the year. Let us use this
time to grow still, to nurture peace, to allow our souls to find their way
back home. Let us fill the empty space before us with ease and softness,
with calm and quiet, with peace and silky spaciousness. Let us follow
nature's invitation to nestle back into the deepest roots of our lives, so
that we may remember who we truly are.