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Healthy Knees

November 4, 2014
Worried about your achy, cranky kness? Yoga can help strengthen and stabilize the body in ways that help keep knees happy. Done incorrectly, though, yoga can also exacerbate issues in these tender joints.

Here's a good article by yoga teacher Doug Keller that explains the basics of healthy knee alignment, as well as strategies for promoting knee health while practicing yoga. And here's another good article by yoga teacher Julie Gudmestad from Yoga Journal.

Roger Cole always offers a wealth of information and inspiration, and this article on the knees is no exception. And if you still haven't had your fill, here's one last article by Catherine Guthrie. (I'm a particular fan of her advice to ease cranky knees by wedging a rolled-up washcloth into the crooks of the knees when they are deeply flexed, as in child's pose,)