~ awake in this moment, at home in the world ~


January 8, 2016

This blessing is a
tiny yellow bird
who has slipped
through the window
to fill your head
with sweet sounds
that make you grateful
you are here.

This poem is the
clear blue sky
that wraps itself
around you and
reminds you
how vast and
how abundant
your life can be.

These words are a
small, rippling brook
inviting you to
dip your toes into
the icy, bracing flow,
reminding you 
that you are
achingly alive.

This offering is the
night sky,
here to comfort you,
to offer the darkness
you need to
soothe your soul
so that
you can
breathe again.

It is the jasmine
that blooms
so faithfully
each May,
slathering the house
and your heart with
such honeyed sweetness
that you know
that both you
and the world
are made of bliss.

And also it's that
great ball of fire
that shines above
in unceasing radiance
and only wants
you to find its echo
in the very
center of your being,
so that you, too,
can shine.

And this blessing
wants to tell you
that you are,
the whole world,
and that
the whole world
is already
inside of you
(which may
or may not
be a metaphor,
in the end,
depending on your
point of view.)