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Thank you so much for visiting this site, which is my portal into the world of yoga, meditation and mindful living. These contemplative practices have enriched my life in many beautiful ways, and I am happy to share what I know with others. My hope is that you will find inspiration and insight here that nurtures health, happiness and wellbeing in your own life.

In addition to teaching and practicing yoga and meditation, I am a writer by vocation. This site houses my articles, essays, poems and blessings. I hope these offerings help shed light on the ways that contemplative practice can cultivate clarity, wisdom, happiness and love. I hope you enjoy them!

On these pages you will also find information about my classes and other offerings, as well as recommendations for getting started with yoga and meditation. I also include many of my favorite practices, which I hope will support a rich and fortifying exploration of a life well-lived.

My hope is that these offerings may help us all shine brightly as we cultivate wisdom and love in both ourselves and the greater world.

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