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Larger Than Our Lives

May 15, 2010
I am surrounded by work to be done. Payroll sits before me, unfinished. Three days' worth of laundry glares at me from my bedroom chair. I need to answer a few emails, pay the bills, and tidy up for the week ahead.

Instead I am going for a walk. Alone. Down the street and back in the morning chill. I feel the need to dust off the everyday-ness that has settled onto my skin, to wash myself in springtime. I long to be immersed in something larger than my life.

Daffodil season has already passed. We've flown right through magnolia week, and the purple and white parade of lilacs has somehow peaked, even though yesterday the buds seemed to be just waking.

And now May's lilies of the valley have arrived, and the dogwoods are in their full glory, floating like little clouds above the season's green. I am determined not to miss this shining season, along with the vitality and possibility it breathes into the world.

The babysitter has just walked in the front door. And I am heading out to wallow in the loveliness of May, so that I may spring again.

Maybe you'd like to join me? Quick - grab your jacket and your keys. I'll be waiting for you there, on the corner where the lilacs bloom. Together we will walk our way into the vast and holy light of spring, to the life and love that shine everywhere. Together we'll remember that we are so much larger than our little lives, than our small and beautiful selves.