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Guided Video: Reclining Movement Flow

June 14, 2020
When I want to rest deeply, I lie down onto the ground. I exhale, I soften, I breathe. And then after befriending the earth, my body often yearns to move a bit in ways that soothe and uplift me.

This video shares one of my favorite earth-bound movement flows, against the backdrop of one of my favorite views in the whole wide world.

I would love for this guided flow to be a starting point for your own exploration, as it so often is for me. Feel free to slip any stretches you love into this sequence. And feel free to omit any movements that don't work for you. Improvise your way into slow and fluid movement that brings your whole body happiness and ease.

This reclining flow is one of several sequences offered in my audio CD Mindful Movement. You can find the entire audio CD here.