~ awake in this moment, at home in the world ~

Guided Open Awareness Meditation

June 7, 2020
Open awareness meditation offers a simple and easy introduction to the steadying gifts of a mindfulness practice.

In this exploration, we rest our attention with the experience of being alive in the moment, noticing the shifting sensations within us as life passes by. We draw the mind out of its endless parade of thoughts and judgments and fears and grudges, and we return ourselves to the direct experience of being fully present, right here and right now.

That's it! When practicing open awareness, your job is to practice what some meditators call “bare attention,” resting your mind in the experience of the present moment with a welcoming and curious spirit. And when you catch your mind wandering off, you gently nudge your attention back to the sensations of being alive.

The next time your mind feels tangled up or overwhelmed, perhaps you'd like to give this practice a try. Just rest in pure awareness, noticing what you are sensing in body, mind and spirit - right here and now - without judgment. Be like a child lying back in the grass on a summer afternoon, watching the clouds pass by, truly being here for the amazing show of life. You may find yourself brought back to life, restored and refreshed.

I've written more about open awareness practice here. To help get you started, I've created a short guided video, which can also be found here.

And here's a slightly longer guided audio practice, which can also be found here.